About Sean

Sean Patrick Fisher, aka “Fish”, passed away on his 13th birthday, August 25, 2008.  As the medical examiner explained, Sean had an undetected heart condition. Sean was on the Waldwick High School football field just about to start warm ups when he collapsed on the field.

Fish, by all appearances was a healthy, active teenager with an eternal zest for life. But as was discovered, exterior appearances can be deceiving. There was no reason to have his heart checked, or so we thought. He never complained of chest pain, lightheadedness, palpitations, dizziness, (and the myriad of other symptoms) associated with cardiac abnormalities.

Sean was an athlete in many ways.  In addition to starting his first year on the football team, he was a brown belt in karate on his way to obtaining the coveted black belt. He was also just about to start his third year as a wrestler at Waldwick Middle School.

He loved the freedom riding his bicycle gave him. Whether he was jumping dirt ramps or riding around town, Sean always found another friend to introduce himself to… “Hi, my name is Fish”, he’d always say.

Our son was taught at a very young age to use sign language. Whether he was on a jet ski, down on the field, in a pool, or on a wrestling mat, he’d give us the thumbs up to communicate that he was okay. Things we never needed to teach Sean were how to smile or make someone else do so. His infectious smile and personality were innate and present from day one. Sean was an amazingly compassionate kid and had the capacity to endear anyone he met. It seemed he had a magnet, especially to those in need, because he was always helping someone.

Sean loved life spending time with family and friends. With his infectious smile and gift for the gab, he left a long lasting impression on everyone he met!

In Sean’s memory, this organization was formed.   Click to learn more about our mission.


Quotes from people who knew Sean:

I’ll never forget the day we met. You walked right up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Sean. Call me Fish.”

I thought being an adult meant I had things to teach you, but I never imagined how many lessons you had to teach me.

You will always and forever be my best friend.

I feel honored to be among the people who were lucky enough to know you, your contagious smile, your giant hugs, and your ability to make me laugh at the perfect moment. It was a privilege to have been your camp counselor.

I’m so glad I got to know an amazing person like you.

Although sometimes you would get on my nerves and I would yell at you I wouldn’t have had camp any other way. Each time you’d make a smart remark I would laugh my ass off with you.

You truly have touched the hearts of sooo many people.

Things will never be the same.